Sales principles

※ GCC insists on fair competition, including competition in price, quality and service

※ GCC tries to sell products to end customers. If a third party is involved, it’s a must to have a thorough understanding of him.

※ GCC insists on the goal of long-term and common interest

※ GCC adheres to the principle of tripartite winning, and resolutely safeguards the interests of suppliers and users

※ GCC sticks with suppliers to reach an agreement as their guideline with each other

※ GCC attaches great importance to the credibility of the company. Once a contract is signed, we pledge to perform it on schedule to maintain a long-term business relationship. At the same time, we hope the customers also follow the code of credit to assist in the process.

※ If there is any quality problem with the goods provided by GCC, our staff will promptly accept them and follow up with the manufacturer's representative as much as they can.

※ GCC desires the success of users and hopes their products are competitive enough; users’ success is the basis of our services, and we will improve our services to catch up with the steps of the era.

※ GCC hopes to extend the services for its suppliers more effectively, and it also hopes that suppliers can be cooperative to develop new markets and work together to achieve their sales targets.